tesol coursesTeflen training college is a completely online learning facility, set up to provide high quality TEFL - TESOL training to people wishing to teach English in non-native speaking countries. The online campus is designed to provide access to students from around the world and to provide them with all the knowledge and support they need to begin a career in the ever-growing English language education industry.

The Teflen TEFL - TESOL courses were developed by industry professionals and teachers with extensive experience. The aim is to equip hopeful teachers with all of the information and skills required to begin work as an English language teacher. As this course is often the first step to travelling and working overseas, it focuses on areas that are most essential to an ESL teacher such as classroom management skills, teaching methods and grammar studies.

Some students worry about security and usability of products and services on the internet. Teflen training college has been designed and is maintained by IT professionals. It was constructed with the intention of being user-friendly. It allows students of Teflen 24 hour access to their course and progress, as well as multiple options for connecting with their trainers for advice. If a student needs more time, the online college will provide access to the course for 12 months.

Students should not need to contact their trainers, as all of the required material is found within the course. However, trainers are employed by Teflen to assist students with whatever queries they might have. All teachers at Teflen have vast experience and knowledge within the field of TESL, and will assist at any time.

Teflen training college is simply a TESL education facility providing a cutting edge TESL course. It is an inclusive and positive learning environment as well as an international support network for teachers looking for work and employment providers dedicated to the success of students hoping to begin a new career in TEFL.

Everyone here at Teflen wishes you good luck in your studies!


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